in the box:

Each piece of jewelry comes with a card that has information about sex trafficking. It is the same information that is on this site. Necklace and card are enclosed in a black or indigo, hemp coin purse with the Soulgems logo embroidered on it. The jewelry is hand sculpted in wax by Janelle and then cast in sterling silver. The pendants in the past have been manufactured in Bangkok, Thailand at Wong Jewelry, a “best practices” business that employs predominantly young

I have recently partnered with a jeweler in San Jose
California (Wenrics) that has been casting my latest designs
with recycled sterling silver. I am looking forward to having all my designs crafted in the USA.

To find out more information about Wenrics go to www.Wenrics.com.

If you are interested in a volume discount, please contact us at Janelle@soulgems.org

tax policy:

We donate all Soulgem’s profits to the following partner anti trafficking organizations: Friends-International, Preventing Human Trafficking Institute, Girl Child Network, Friends Of Maiti Nepal and. Soulgems is not yet a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and, as such, your purchases are not presently tax deductible. If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to a Soulgems partner organization, you can do so through the Triskeles Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity. Please contact me at Janelle@soulgems.org for details.

Shipping: Items will be shipped by UPS ground for $10.00 or UPS second day for $22.00. If an item is no longer available, the charges will be reversed. You will be notified via email if something is on back order.

Return Policy:
Items may be returned within 30 days. We will exchange or credit your account. Items to be returned or repaired should be shipped to this address:

P.O. Box 620535
Woodside. California

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