How You Can Help

  • Buy jewelry from our website! 100% of the profits go to combating sex trafficking.
  • Donate to one of of our partner organizations.
  • Get your children’s schools involved. Most schools are now doing outreach programs. Children can hold car washes on weekends or sell crafts at school functions.
  • Have your children do a lemonade stand and put up a sign that says “profits will be donated to women and girls who need food and shelter.” Be careful of telling children the sad details of trafficking if they are too young.
  • Do a bake sale at your local church or at your home. A good time to do this is in the summer when there are barbeques and pool parties. (Hint: Pies are tremendously popular)
  • Influence your children to give a portion of their allowance or holiday money to a good cause like an anti-trafficking organization.
  • Instead of receiving gifts for Christmas, ask people to make a donation to an anti-human trafficking organization in your name.
  • When giving gifts for Christmas, give money in the recipient’s name instead of material objects.
  • Have a garage sale.
  • Save and collect coins. The whole family can get involved. When the jar is full, take it to the bank and send a check to a shelter.
  • Do a Google search on human trafficking, learn more and get on mailing lists.
  • Visit a shelter. There are educational trips you can take.
  • Share your concerns of human trafficking with others. Buy books and documentaries on the subject and give them as gifts to your friends. Most anti-trafficking organizations have documentaries and books they recommend.
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